Tax Investigations

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HMRC tax investigations can be extremely time consuming and stressful and as such it is essential to obtain the correct professional advice.

At Auxesia Accountancy we have the experience to assist both individuals and companies in all types of UK tax investigations.

These can include tax investigations into PAYE & Benefits, VAT investigations, tax evasion or tax fraud, civil investigation of fraud (also known as Code of Practice 9).

We have the knowledge and skills to handle your situation in the most appropriate way and will assist in all negotiations with HMRC.

Why Investigations Start - LOCAL INVESTIGATIONS

  • Sending in Tax Returns or accounts late

  • PAYE Irregularities

  • Unusually high business expenses, for instance legal or travel costs

  • Large petty cash accounts

Why Investigations Start - SI/CIF INVESTIGATIONS

  • Unexplained increases in income, cash, bank transfers

  • Suspicions of false invoicing

  • Complicated group structures often involving offshore income or assets held in trusts and overseas banks

In addition, some Local Investigations are opened at random as part of HMRC’s process of checking self assessment returns.

Other returns can be selected for investigation due to a suspicion that a tax return contains deliberate errors. You may not always discover the reason for the investigation, but ultimately it is likely to be extremely time consuming, stressful and expensive.

Voluntary Disclosures

Sometimes irregularities can occur in your tax affairs and you may wish to volunteer these irregularities to HMRC. For example:
  • Where information is likely to become public such as in a court hearing

  • Death of a relative who had undeclared funds

However, many people do not know how to put things right or where to start.


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