Inheritance Tax

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Inheritance Tax is a tax charged on wealth on death, certain life time gifts and on certain transfers in and out of trusts.

Not everyone pays Inheritance Tax. It's only due if your estate - including any assets held in trust and gifts made within seven years of death - is valued over the current Inheritance Tax threshold. The tax is payable at 40% on the amount over this threshold.

Our areas of advice include:

  • A review of your current financial planning arrangements

  • Creative trust planning to mitigate inheritance tax

  • Planning for retirement

Sometimes, even if your estate is over the threshold, you can pass on assets without having to pay Inheritance Tax.

Examples include:

  • Spouse or civil partner exemption
    Your estate usually doesn't owe Inheritance Tax on anything you leave to a spouse or civil partner who has their permanent home in the UK - nor on gifts you make to them in your lifetime - even if the amount is over the threshold

  • Charity exemption
    Any gifts you make to a 'qualifying' charity - during your lifetime or in your will - will be exempt from Inheritance Tax

  • Potentially exempt transfers
    If you survive for seven years after making a gift to someone, the gift is generally exempt from Inheritance Tax, no matter what the value

  • Annual exemption
    You can give up to 3,000 away each year, either as a single gift or as several gifts adding up to that amount - you can also use your unused allowance from the previous year but you use the current years allowance first.

  • Small gift exemption
    You can make small gifts of up to 250 to as many individuals as you like tax-free

  • Wedding and civil partnership gifts
    Gifts to someone getting married or registering a civil partnership are exempt up to a certain amount.

  • Business, Woodland, Heritage and Farm Relief
    If the deceased owned a business, farm, woodland or National Heritage property, some relief from Inheritance Tax may be available.


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