Book Keeping & Management Accounts

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At Auxesia Accountancy, we believe that positive and successful business decisions are assisted by the ability to assess timely and accurate financial information. We therefore strongly advise that your books are properly maintained either in house or via a specialist book keeping.

We can relieve you of the burden associated with book keeping, account balancing and record keeping. First we will perform a detailed analysis of your requirements. It is important for us to fully understand your these in order to tailor our approach to you specific needs.

Besides the core book keeping, we will where applicable maintain your VAT records and keep you informed of any statutory requirements you may not be fulfilling.

Our standard book keeping service includes:

  • Cash books
    Recording all cash and bank transactions
    Regular reconciliations

  • Purchase Ledger
    Recording all purchase invoices and payments
    Producing monthly payment due reports

  • Sales Ledger
    Recording all sales and payments
    Producing Monthly Statement
    Credit control also available on request

  • Value Added Tax
    Preparing quarterly VAT Returns (if applicable)

  • Payroll
    Maintaining computerised payroll for all employees

  • Management Accounts
    Prepared Monthly, quarterly or half yearly

By far the most important part of our book keeping service is the production of management accounts. These can be prepared monthly, quarterly or half yearly, they are a fundamental management tool without which you will not reach your full potential. How can you adjust your income to be the most profitable if you donít know what your profits or indeed losses are. Often accounts are not produced until long after the year end by which time it could be too late.

With us looking after the books, it leaves you to fulfil your potential.

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