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As you would expect, Auxesia Accountancy are able to offer all required services to assist you in running your company successfully, these include but are not limited to:

We understand the financial strains on every business and try to assist with this as much as possible. We therefore offer three fee structures to our clients. All of which can be paid by Cash, cheque, credit card or monthly standing order.

Our Fee Structure

Hourly rate

You will be billed monthly for all work completed during the month at an agreed hourly rate (excludes payroll which is billed per employee).

Fixed Fee

All work to be undertaken will be priced before commencement of work, the fee will then be agreed with you the client and any variation discussed prior to being incurred. In most cases a 25% payment on account will be required with the balance invoiced on completion.

Fixed Percentage

A favourite with many of our client. We agree a percentage of your turnover (from as little as 0.75% to include all book keeping, payroll, company secretarial, taxation and accounting functions for your business. The minimum contract period is 2 years with invoices and payment due monthly. The level of turnover will affect the amount of work involved with caring for your company, with this option it is very easy to build in the cost of our services in your prices so you will never have an unexpected bill.


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