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Unsure whether you need to register for PAYE - Pay As You Earn?

As a Director of a newly formed private limited company you may need to employ some staff or at least pay a salary to the directors. This will require you to operate PAYE and be registered as an employer with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Once you know how many members of staff you will employ and when your first payroll date will be, you can complete your PAYE registration. As an Employer, you are responsible for deducting the correct Tax, National Insurance and Student Loan deductions and then paying these on to HMRC, either monthly or quarterly. You may also need to claim for Statutory Maternity/Sick Pay.

At the end of the tax year some official forms will need to be produced, some of which are filed with HMRC whilst others are handed out to employees. This includes the P60, P35 and P14.

If you have provided benefits any employees, you will also need to deal with the tax implications of doing so. If an employee receives a benefit or is reimbursed for expenses, a P11D and P11D(b) return will need to be included and filed with HMRC.

Auxesia Accountancy are able to carry out PAYE Registration for new startup businesses and can take care of all your accounting and taxation matters leaving you free to run your business.

Bands of Taxable Income for 2011-2012

Basic Rate (20%) 0 - 35,000
Higher Rate (40%) 35,001 - 150,000
Additional Rate (50%) over 150,000
Dividend Ordinary Rate 10%
Dividend Upper Rate 32.5%
Dividend Additional Rate 42.5%

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