Business Forecasts

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Business forecasts play an important role that help you manage your cash better and plan the future financial requirements of your business.

Auxesia Accountancy can provide comprehensive business plans and financial forecasts for all types of businesses, at all stages, in all sectors.

Examples include:

  • Forecasts for New Startups

  • Forecasts to assist with the growth of an established business

  • Forecasts for viable businesses experiencing difficulties

Forecasting including cash flow forecasts

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Failure in your cash flow will inevitably lead to failure in your business.

Businesses which forecast their future financial performance and cash flow are much better equipped to deal with unexpected hiccups than those who do not plan ahead.

Auxesia Accountancy can help you monitor your cash flow and forecast your company's future profitability. We can also assist you in interpreting profit forecasts and make recommendations to improve your business.

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